Skills21 Trackpad is a purpose-built assessment tool for challenge-based learning, academic competitions, and events. This web app can be used on any device and teachers can provide immediate feedback while assessing student projects. Skills21 Trackpad is easy to use, eliminates cumbersome record keeping, and generates live results for your event.

  • Real-time Assessment
  • Customizable Rubrics
  • Robust Reports


  • Real-time assessment tools for project-based learning and academic competitions / events
  • Simple and fast team scoring with customizable rubrics
  • Seamless integration of judging comments and scores in team reports
  • Event manager dashboard with instant results and judge messaging
I think trackpad is very intuitive, it really gives us that real-time feedback we are looking for. You can input scores, then quickly compare all the different teams and see if the scoring actually meets your perception. Albert Schneider VP SO Delivery, IBM Global Accounts

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